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"The Court of Miracles" is a song featured in Disney's 1996 film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is the seventh one in the film and the third song sung by Clopin. Like "Topsy Turvy" and "A Guy Like You," it is more of comedy-oriented than the other songs from the film, unlike the former, however, it is based on black humor.


Clopin and the gypsies have captured Quasimodo and Phoebus, assumed spies, and sing about how it is a miracle if they get out alive. Taking delight in tormenting his victims, Clopin stages a mock trial, making rapid transformations into various figures, such as the judge, the lawyer and the executioner. However, Esmeralda arrives before any harm can come to her friends.


Clopin and Gypsy chorus: Maybe you've heard of a terrible place
Where the scoundrels of Paris collect in a lair
Maybe you've heard of that mythical place
Called the Court of Miracles
Clopin: Hello, you're there!
Gypsy chorus (variously): Where the lame can walk
And the blind can see
Clopin: But the dead don't talk
So you won't be around
To reveal what you've found
Clopin and Gypsy chorus: We have a method for spies and intruders
Rather like hornets protecting their hive
Clopin: Here in the Court of Miracles
Clopin and Gypsy chorus: Where it's a miracle if you get out alive!
(Instrumental interlude)

(singing resumes)
Clopin: Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles
I am the lawyers and judge all in one
We like to get the trial over with quickly
Because it's the sentence that's really the fun!
(speaking) Any last words?
Quasimodo and Phoebus: (muffled speech)
Clopin: That's what they all say.
(singing) Now that we've seen all the evidence
Clopin puppet: Wait! I object!
Clopin: Overruled!
Clopin puppet: I object!
Clopin: Quiet!
Clopin puppet: Dang!
Clopin: We find you totally innocent
Which is the worst crime of all
Clopin and Gypsy chorus: So you're going to hang!


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