The Copycat is a 1953 Grandma Duck comic story.


Grandma Duck opens a roadside stand near her farm. Gus Goose finds the copycat neighbor doing the same. Grandma decides to paint signs to bring drivers' attention, and the neighbor does the same, with lower prices. When Grandma lowers her own prices, the neighbor does the same. When Grandma puts ornaments to meke her stand more attractive, the neighbor copies her again, so Grandma gets fed and throws him a tomato, so the neighbor throws one back. The vegetable war continues until both sides lose everything. Grandma decides to make a profit from the disaster and brings her pigs to eat the dropped vegetables, so the neighbor brings his own pigs. Grandma tells the neighbor she's tired of him copying her, but he answers there's no law against it, and why get his own ideas if hers are better. Finally, Grandma Duck re-opens the stand but now sells cakes, as nobody can make cakes like her, and the copycat neighbor closes his stand.