"The Boy Who Stole the Elephant" is a 2-part episode of The Wonderful World of Disney, which aired on September 20, 1970 and September 27, 1970.


A boy working in a struggling circus troupe develops a great rapport with an elephant on loan from a more successful circus. When he learns that his boss has just bet the elephant in a card game and lost, he decides to leave as quickly and quietly as possible with the huge animal and return it to its rightful owner several hundred miles away in the southern U.S. Based on the novel of the same title by Julilly Kohler.


  • David Wayne as Colonel Rufus Ryder
  • June Havoc as Molly Jeffrys
  • Dabbs Greer as Stilts
  • Parley Baer as Mayor Hancock
  • Whitney Blake as Helen Owens
  • James Westerfield as Sheriff Berry
  • Robert Emhardt as Cy Brown
  • Tom Drake as Mr. Corbert
  • Betty Lynn as Lottie Ladare
  • Doris Singleton as Lizzie Ladare
  • Margie the Elephant as Queenie
  • Richard Kiel as Luke Brown
  • Mark Lester as Davey
  • Susan Olsen as Lucy Owens
  • Christopher Shea as Billy Owens