The Black Hole soundtrack was composed by John Barry, for the 1979 film of the same name.

Track listing

Tracks highlighted with a sky blue background were not included on the original LP release. Tracks highlighted with a lime green background include material not used in the film.

# Track
1 Overture
2 Main Title
3 That’s It
4 Closer Look
5 Zero Gravity
6 Cygnus Floating
7 The Door Opens
8 Pretty Busy
9 Six Robots
10 Can You Speak?
11 Poor Creatures
12 Ready to Embark
13 Start the Countdown
14 Durant Is Dead
15 Laser
16 Kate’s O.K.
17 Hot and Heavy
18 Meteorites
19 Raging Inferno
20 Hotter and Heavier
21 Bob and V.I.N.CENT
22 Into the Hole
23 End Title

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