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"The Big Day" is an episode of Wander Over Yonder.


Lord Hater meets his chance to destroy Wander and Sylvia. Wander decides that the day should be a perfect doomsday, so Lord Hater tries to find a way to make the doomsday more special.


The episode begins with a overview of a green forest planet, then shortly after, Commander Peepers starts announcing Lord Hater's Boomapalooza: The Galactic Destruction Tour and the planet explodes. With Lord Dominator already destroying planets, Hater intends to destroy 12 planets in 3 weeks with a new invention, the Disaster Blaster 5000. Everyone is super-excited, until a Watchdog starts to ask about Wander, but Hater and Peepers interrupt him, because they are forbidden from saying the W-word. Hater claims he has gotten over his obsession of chasing Wander and is instead focusing on destroying planets, until he sees Wander and Sylvia floating by the window.

Hater excuses himself and captures both Wander and Sylvia and prepares to destroy them, but Wander is unimpressed, much to the confusion of both Sylvia and Hater. Water convinces Hater that they should be destroyed in a big way, not just for a quickie. Sylvia catches on that Wander is distracting Hater and they proceed to plan their destruction in much the same way as a wedding.

They begin by relocating to Hater's torture room. Hater begins to swipe at them with his ax, but Wander suggests otherwise, calling it "old-fashioned". So Hater then decides to dip Wander and Sylvia in boiling hot water, but Wander is still not impressed. Hater goes through some other methods of torture, none of them to Wander's liking. Then Wander points out Hater's cloak, and suggests him to try a different wardrobe. Hater tries on various different outfits, until he finally displays an outfit identical to his usual cloak, but more sparkly.

After finally choosing the outfit, Hater takes Wander and Sylvia back to the torture room, where he is about to power up his scary green lightning, when Wander suggests some mood music. After going through his MP3 player, including an embarrassing song that he recorded, he finally settles on Modest Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain Hater then says, "One two three go!", but Wander is indifferent by this. After giving an evil monologue, Wander tells him to write it all down.

Wander then suggests inviting all of the Watchdogs to the ceremony. Sylvia then realizes they don't have enough room for everyone. In a montage, they settle on a bigger hall, a Watchdog chef comes out with a small cake, Sylvia carves a giant ice sculpture of Hater zapping Wander, the Watchdog chef comes out with a bigger cake, but Wander still suggests making it bigger, Wander and Hater write out all the invitations, and finally, the Watchdog chef comes out with a humongous cake.

The Watchdogs receive the invitations, but are confused since Hater said earlier he was no longer concerned about Wander. They change their mind when they see that free cake will be offered.

Hater is rehearsing his "vows", when Peepers walks in. Peepers reminds him they are approaching the first planet that they will be destroying. Peepers is extremely excited about it. Hater does not tell him about the ceremony.

Hater barges in to see Wander. At first it seems he is angry about being duped, but then he tells him they have not yet chosen a method of destruction. Hater suddenly gets an idea.

Peepers is in the control room all alone. He attempts to start the Disaster Blaster targeted on the first planet, but nothing happens. Peepers discovers the Disaster Blaster 5000 was removed from the top of the ship. He suddenly sees the invitation to the destruction ceremony, and gets upset when it says, "Don't tell Peepers!"

At the ceremony, Hater makes his grand entrance. In a Pythonesque scene, Peepers makes his way toward the guards at the entrance and gets angry at Hater. Peepers is upset that Hater decided to abandon the tour. Meanwhile, Sylvia suggests they make their escape, but Wander suggests otherwise, because what started as an escape plan turned into something special, because he never saw Hater so happy. Sylvia then gets an idea. Hater tells Peepers that he is right, but he does not care. He powers up the Disaster Blaster, but then notices that they escaped. Hater suddenly sees the cake lodged into the Disaster Blaster 5000. When the blaster goes off, the ship is destroyed...again. Wander and Sylvia orble away from the destruction.

End Credits

Hater is seen playing with the Wander figurine that was on his cake.





  • After Hater realizes he's been tricked, we see Sylvia fastening a bowtie on Wander. When Hater barges through the wall, Wander's bowtie disappears and never returns.
  • Closed captioning errors:
    • When Hater says "Hater out!", the captions say "You're up!".
    • When Wander says "Too quick" after Hater pulls out the zap blaster, the captions say that Sylvia is saying that.
    • During the song, "I Hate to Say That I Loathe You," the closed captions read "love" instead of "loathe."
    • When Wander is commenting about Hater's note relating to his death and he thinks that he needs to share the note with someone else and can't keep it private anymore, when he seeds "We need to share this!", the captions say "We ned to share this!"

International premieres

  • August 16, 2015 (Canada)



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