The Big Bear Scare is a Little Golden Book starring Mickey Mouse and Goofy, published in 1978.


Mickey, Morty, Ferdie, and Goofy go camping. While hiking, Goofy trips and all of the things in his backpack tumble out. While he's trying to gather everything up, a mother bear snatches his package of steaks while he isn't looking. After arriving at the camp site, Goofy finds that his steaks are missing, so he, Mickey, and the boys go looking for them. When they return to their camp site, they find the bear and her two cubs making a racket. Goofy finds a bucket of water and climbs up the tree, hoping to scare the bears away with the water, but the bears notice him climbing the tree. Fortunately, when he panics, this startles the bears enough to leave. Later, Goofy makes pancakes for dinner.