The Barks/Rosa Collection was a series of prestige format comic books published by Gemstone Publishing containing Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck adventure stories by Carl Barks and their sequels by Don Rosa. In addition to the stories, each issue contained commentary by Rosa on each of the stories, plus a gallery of cover artwork. Three issues were published, and a fourth was planned, but never released. The contents of the planned fourth issue were eventually released by Boom! Studios.


Cover Volume Released Barks story Rosa story
Noimage Volume 1: Uncle Scrooge Adventures July 2007 "Land of the Pgymy Indians" "War of the Wendigo"
Noimage Volume 2: Donald Duck Adventures March 2008 "Donald Duck's Atom Bomb"
"Super Snooper"
"The Trouble with Dimes"
"The Duck Who Fell to Earth"
"Super Snooper Strikes Again"
"The Money Pit"
Barks-rosa-v3f Volume 3: Donald Duck September 2008 "The Golden Helmet" "The Lost Charts of Columbus"
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