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The Baker's Wife is the wife of the Baker and the deuteragonist in Into the Woods. Together they go on quest into the woods to find special ingredients for the Witch's potion. She is portrayed by Emily Blunt.


The Baker and his Wife learn they must venture into the Woods and seek out the items which will reverse the Witch's spell.

Role in the film

The Baker and her are cursed childless by the witch and the only way to break the curse is to collect special items before the third midnight. 

The baker's wife collects Cinderella's shoe after three nights of meeting her. They finally break the curse and have a baby.

However, the giant climbs down the beanstalk and causes an earthquake/ Everything starts to go wrong for them. She and the baker decided to split up but then she meets Cinderella's prince and he kisses her, despite her hesitations. Shortly afterwards, the giant comes nearby and she falls off a cliff.


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