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The Backson Song
Originally performed by
Performer(s) Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga, Roo
Films Winnie the Pooh
Video games
Albums Winnie the Pooh Soundtrack
Preceded by The Winner Song
Followed by It's Gonna Be Great

"The Backson Song" is a song featured in the film Winnie the Pooh. It is heard after Christopher Robin's "kidnapping", so Pooh and his friends learned about the culprit by Owl and Rabbit advised a plan to capture it and save Christopher Robin.

It is sung by Owl (Craig Ferguson), Eeyore (Bud Luckey), Kanga (Kristen Anderson-Lopez), Roo (Wyatt Dean Hall), Piglet (Travis Oates), Rabbit (Tom Kenny), Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (Jim Cummings).

The song has gained critical praise.


Owl: It's a Giant creature with a tail
Here, I'll draw Piglet in for scale

Piglet: Oh d-d-dear!

Its hide is like a shaggy rug
Its face a surly ugly mug
With two sharp horns atop its head
In between a mop of hair that's red

All: Aah!

And in its nose a ring of gold
It smells of monkey's feet and mould
Its toes are black
Its fur is blue
I swear that all I tell you is not made up
The Backson!
All: The Backson?
Owl: The Backson!
All: The Backson?
Oh, no!
Pooh: But, Owl, what does the Backson do?
All: Yes, Owl, what does the Backson do?
Owl: Hmm, what does the Backson do?
I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...And now, I will tell you
They sneak into your library?
And scribble in all your books
All: The Backson, the Backson?
We don't like the Backson!
Owl: When decorating your Christmas tree,
They tangle up all the hooks!
All: The Backson, the Backson?
We're afraid of the Backson.
Owl: They spoil the milk,
They stop all the clocks;
They use their horns
To put hole in your socks
All: The Backson's
The one who's been
Putting holes
In our socks!

Roo: Tell us more about what Backsons do!
Tigger: Yes, more about what Backsons do!
Owl: More about what Backsons do?!?
Why don't we hear some thoughts from you?
Tigger: Maybe they make ya sleep too late
Owl: Yes, yes! That's good; that's great
Eeyore: I bet, for their reason, my tail is gone
Owl: You're on a roll! Go on, go on!
Rabbit: They muddy up your tidy house
Piglet: They make you feel as small as a mouse
Roo: They break your crayons
Rabbit: They spill your tea!
Kanga: They wake up babies at 1:00 and 3:00
Eeyore: They made me catch the cold I caught
Winnie the Pooh: They made me lose my train of thought
Tigger: They swipe your stripes
Piglet: They clog your pipes
Rabbit: They dig up your garden
Eeyore: They won't beg your pardon
Winnie the Pooh: They eat your snacks
Piglet: They won't relax!
Rabbit: They chip your tooth
Kanga: They steal your youth!
Owl: And now, you know the horrible truth!
All: The Backson, the Backson,
The Backson, the Backson?
Oh no!

Rabbit: Oh, yes
All: Huh?

Rabbit: I know exactly what to do:
We'll find things Backsons are partial to
Winnie the Pooh: Like books?
Kanga: And dishes?
Piglet: And socks?
Roo: And toys?
Rabbit: Yes, everything that a Backson destroys;
Then we'll dig an enormous pit
And make the items lead to it;
He'll fall in and we'll get our friend
Owl: And this horrible nightmare will come to an end!
The Backson!
All: The Backson?
Owl: The Backson!
All: The Backson?

Owl: Go home and search your closets, bring everything that you can
All: The Backson! The Backson! We're gonna catch the Backson!
Owl: We'll save Christopher Robin by following Rabbit's plan
All: The Backson! The Backson! We'll save Christopher Robin!
We must be brave and have no fear
Owl: So to the death, we'll persevere
All: We'll search by the sun and the light and the moon,
And if everything goes well, we'll be back soon!
Owl: "Back soon"?
All: Back soon!
Owl: Sounds like "Backson"
All: Back soon!
Owl: Oh, well... Good luck everyone!


Winnie the Pooh

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