"The Amazing Hair-Raising Hare" is a song in Adventures in Wonderland sung by the Mad Hatter to acknowledge how the March Hare is amazing at magic.


Ladies and Gentlemen
Gentlemen and Ladies
I’d like to present that is if you will allow
An unbelievable act and that’s a factual fact

It’s the Amazing Hair-Raising Hare.

You will stop in your tracks
Is it magic or real?
You’re in for it now
There’s no turning back
It’s mysterious, one Hair-Raising show.

If you’re faint of heart
Perhaps you should know he will fascinate you
Mystify you
The Amazing Hare will
Totally, completely, exactly, thoroughly, entirely, indescribably wholly enrapture you.

Folks, I’m sure you have seen every old card trick
Well, this old hare is beyond that old schtick and this old hare won’t be pulled out of a hat so forget all you know
We’re ready to go
This is the show of all shows
The Amazing Hair-Raising Hare.