Tetti-Tatti's sailors are minor characters and Tetti-Tatti's ex-minions (at the end) from Disney's 1946 short the The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met, a segment of the 1946 film Make Mine Music.



Nothing is known about them except they were hired by Tetti-Tatti to try and hunt down Willie to rescue the Opera Singer he apparently swallowed. However, they become so appreciative about his singing that they refuse to kill him. Later, when Tetti-Tatti harpoons him, the sailors, enraged and horrified, attack and probably killing him.

Physical Description

All three look exactly the same--barrel chested with a large rounded jaw, reddish-brown beards, wearing the typical sailor suits, with the typical buff male triangular body design.

Make Mine Music

News comes to the music and science world of a whale that can sing opera. The news is met with disbelief and jeers from the musical and science communities. One person who may have a different theory about the whale's reputed musical abilities is opera showman Tetti-Tatti. He believes that Willie the Whale has swallowed an opera singer and is holding him prisoner in his belly. Hiring an expedition, the showman heads for the North Pole to kill Willie. But the whale tries to show the impresario that he can really sing opera. Some time after, we, the viewers, see a montage of what would be Willie's performances in the Metropolitan Opera House (montage sequences include Pagliacci, Tristan and Isolde, and Mephistopheles).

After the montage, however, despite all of Willie's efforts, Tetti Tatti shoots his spear gun and kills Willie. However, even though Willie is long gone, his spirit lives on in heaven, singing in a hundred voices, forever.


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