Tess Coleman is a psychologist and the deuteragonist in the film author, and the widowed mother of Anna and Harry in Freaky Friday.

Role in the film

Tess is a hard-working writer and psychologist, author of Through the Looking Glass: Senescence in Retrograde, a book about psychology helps. She has a common single mother life, taking care of her children, Anna and Harry, with no problems, but always involved with discussions, especially with Anna. When she gets a phone call from the school principal that Anna was in detention twice, she punishes her by cutting off her privacy privileges and taking down her bedroom door.

The top of the discussion comes in Pei Pei's Chinese restaurant when Anna tells Tess that she has an audition of her band at the same time of Tess' rehearsal dinner, leaving her mother even angrier about it.

In Anna's body, Tess realizes that Anna's enemy, Stacey Hinkhouse, is, in fact, an enemy, so she erases all of the answers on Stacey's test, and her music with Anna's band is not all that "noise". Tess owns a 2001 Volvo S60, which is also driven by Anna, when body-switched.


  • Annette Bening was originally slated to play Tess Coleman. She backed out shortly before filming, and was replaced by Jamie Lee Curtis. Sigourney Weaver was also considered for the role.

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