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I wish to rule over the...Ow! Cheese and crackers!


In this trilogy of strange tales, Candace accidentally conjures up a spell that turns her Ducky Momo plushie into a living, breathing doll that is set on stalking her, Doofenshmirtz encounters the inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head that grants cursed wishes, and Phineas, Ferb and their friends confront a horde of mischievous, evil platypuses set on destroying the town.


Ducky Momo Turns Evil


Candace holds her possessed Ducky Momo doll.

Tale One opens with the narrator -- a merchant selling books in a bookmobile. He tells us of the book the "Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror", then starts reading the first tale, which focuses on the Candace storyline. Candace is talking to Stacy about the book she's reading, which just happens to be the "Terrifiying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" book, and tells Stacy of a incantation in the book that supposedly turns any stuffed animal to life. However, the incantation claims that if it is said while in view of the full moon, the stuffed animal will turn evil. Candace jokes about this to Stacy, and reads the incantation aloud. Unbeknowest to her, her Ducky Momo plush toy comes to life, and starts sneaking around. Candace starts to have a wary feeling that someone is watching her, but merely brushes it off. Eventually, she sees the Ducky Momo plush following her, and starts running away hysterically from it. Ducky Momo chases her, and eventually catches up to her. Candace thinks that Ducky Momo is after her and is evil, but then she realizes all he wants is a hug. The story ends with another one of Candace's stuffed toys, Mr. Miggins, coming to life and becoming evil as the full moon shines through the window.

Night of the Giant Floating Baby Head


Doofenshmirtz meets the inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head

Tale Two opens with the narrator texting on his mobile phone. Surprised to see that someone is there, he quickly recomposes himself and begins the second story, which focuses on the Agent P storyline. Agent P goes over to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated to find that Doof has invented a Giant Floating Baby Head-Lure-inator to bring the inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head to his building. Doofenshmirtz read from the "Terrifiying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" book that the Giant Floating Baby Head will grant three wishes. The Giant Floating Baby Head floats to the building, and absorbs itself into Doofenshmirtz's finger. Excited, Doofenshmirtz wastes his first wish for an ice tea, as a test -- he quickly realizes his mistake, but it's too late. For his second wish, he begins to wish to rule the Tri-State Area, but Perry whacks his foot and he yells out, "Cheese and crackers", instead of "the Tri-State Area", inadvertently allowing him to rule over any cheese and crackers. Doofenshmirtz sends the cheese and crackers to fight Perry, but then he soon realizes that Perry can simply eat then. Doofenshmirtz takes some time to think of his third wish, since he wants to be careful about how he says it, as to not leave any loopholes. Finally, Doofenshmirtz wishes to be the head of the Tri-State Area. Quickly realizing his mistake, he shouts, but alas, it's too late -- his wish turns him into a giant floating head.

Invasion of the Evil Platypus Clones


The gang gets some help from Rusty Bridges.

Tale Three opens with the narrator texting on his mobile phone, yet again. He quickly starts the final story, which focuses on the Phineas storyline. Phineas is reading the "Terrifiying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror" book to the gang in a tent in the backyard. He comes upon a story that warns that spilling grape juice on a platypus will cause it to duplicate and form a evil platypus clone. Buford does so on Perry, disregarding the "evil" part of the warning, and creates an evil platypus. The clone pours some grape juice onto itself, creating more clones. Phineas then wonders how to get rid of the clones, and Baljeet tells him that he knows someone who can help them. Baljeet reveals that he has a "life coach", whose name is Rusty Bridges, a cowboy who owns a cleaning supply store. Together, they realize that all they need to do to defeat the clones is to use soap and water against them. They lure the platypus clones, but then realize that there's too many of them for them to defeat on their own. They get cornered into a grape juice factory, and Phineas, back in the tent, finishes his story, saying that everyone then died a painful death. The group doesn't like the ending, so Phineas then tells them the "Hollywood ending". In this ending, just before the platypuses finish the group off, Rusty suddenly comes to the rescue on a unicorn. Activating a pipeline, he turns on sprinklers that spray soap and water on the clones.


The story suddenly cuts to the narrator trying to pitch his idea for a bookmobile to a banker so he can get a loan. After saying "pretty please with a cherry on top", the banker gives in to the idea, and then states that this will be the final loan that he'll give to the narrator.


End Credits

Running Gags

I know what we're gonna do today


The "Too Young" Line


Ferb's Line

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Oh, There you are, Perry

Perry's entrance to his lair


Evil Jingle

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

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Background Information

  • All the stories happen in the same episode, however, not at the same time. Each story is separate from the others, which is a change from the regular format.
  • All the mini-stories are referred to by each main character as the episode transitions from story to story.
  • In the end of the episode, it is revealed that none of the stories actually occurred.
  • Ducky Momo makes his sixteenth appearance.
  • The inexplicable Giant Floating Baby Head makes its' 26th appearance, and plays a bigger role than usual in the second tale.
  • The sixth Halloween-themed episode ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!", "The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein", "That's the Spirit", "The Curse of Candace", "Druselsteinoween") and the second half-hour themed episode. ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It!")
  • Candace's love of grilled cheese is mentioned. ("Journey to the Center of Candace")
  • Third time the phrase "Cheese and crackers!" is used. It is said by Candace, Doofenshmirtz and Buford. ("The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein", "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!")
  • Mr. Miggins reappears.
  • Second time Phineas and Ferb play ping pong, albeit offscreen. ("This Is Your Backstory")

Production Information

International Premieres

  • October 26, 2013 (Disney Channel Spain and Portugal)
  • October 31, 2013 (Disney Channel Latin America)


  • In the first tale, when Candace is talking on the phone in the window, the "Me, Myself and I" poster is blank.
    • Soon after, when Candace is putting on her clothes, the figure of a heart is missing in the poster.
Isabella suggests playing something more up-tempo

Isabella's eyes are lit with normal lighting instead of a darker tone

  • In the third segment, whenever Isabella is outside, the tint on her eyes is normal, when it should be darker.
  • When the gang is chasing the clones, for a moment, Phineas' bubble washer becomes transparent.


  • The Ducky Momo plate that says "I hate people" is seen during the song. ("Nerds of a Feather")


  • Trilogy of Terror - The concept of an anthology of three spooky tales may be adapted from this 1975 horror film.
  • Treehouse of Horror - This special could be a spoof on the famous Simpsons episodes. Also, the three segment are spoofs of the "Clown Without Pity", "The Monkey Paw" and the "Send in the Clones"  segments, respectively. (The last one is the most spoofed, including the part with the perrys throwing juice to themselves in a direct parody to The Simpsons episode).
  • Night of the Living Dead - The title of the second tale seems to be themed on the title of the famous George A. Romero movie, the second episode to spoof this title after "Day of the Living Gelatin".
  • "Invasion of the..." - The final tale's title is the second time these words are used, the first being "Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers".
  • Poltergeist - Isabella says, "They're here" like the late Heather O'Rourke when the gang approaches the evil platypus clones in the grape juice factory.
  • Gremlins - The spilling grape juice on a platypus is akin to getting a normal Mogwai (Gizmo) wet in the movie. Both result in evil clones.
  • Wayne's World - The ending of "Invasion of the Evil Platypus Clones" is a reference to the ending of Wayne's World where they try different endings.
  • Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor - In the background of the opening segement, the Philadelphia Orchestra's version of this famous organ music by J. S. Bach from the 1940 film Fantasia is heard.
  • Renfeld - Mr. Macabre's assistant is named for the first victim in Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • The Crazy Honey Badger - Buford says, "Zombie bunny don't care", a play on this famous viral video's catchphrase, "Honey badger don't care."
  • Kool-Aid ManOfficer Concord the Juice Time Juice Box Flavor Cop's entry and design resembles the famous Kool-Aid Man ads.
  • Aliens - Isabella's solution for getting rid of the Evil Platypus Clones is a direct quote from the movie, originally spoken by Ellen Ripley as her solution for ensuring the aliens are all killed.
  • Frankenstein (1931 film) - The Ducky Momo doll arises from under Candace's towel like the monster in this classic monster movie.
  • Harlem Shake - When the kids are dancing with Officer Concord the Juice Time Juice Box Flavor Cop, is similar to the popular dance, which the Phineas and Ferb writers once did a video for. [1]
  • The Exorcist - Both Ducky Momo and Mr. Miggins' heads eerily spin like Linda Blair's does in this horror film.
  • Child's Play - Candace's doll coming alive and turning evil is a very similar plot to this horror movie.


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