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Centuries ago, a great battle was fought between the Ninja and an evil bird demon: the Tengu. The demon was too strong to defeat until the Ninja found the source of the Tengu's great power. The demon feathers infused the Ninja Suit with mysterious powers. Upon defeating the Tengu, the Ninja imprisoned it in a sacred stone. It can only be released by the hand of Ninja. The Tengu and the Ninja are forever linked, their strengths are shared.
―Excerpt from the NinjaNomicon

The Tengu is an evil bird demon from the Disney XD show Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It was imprisoned in the Eye of Eternity by the First Ninja, and it keeps the Sorcerer trapped under Norrisville High.


The First Ninja did battle with the Tengu 800 years ago, but the creature proved to be too powerful to be defeated. Once the Ninja discovered the Tengu's feathers were the source of its powers, the Ninja infused the feathers into the Ninja Mask. Doing so granted the Ninja Suit unfathomable abilities, but also formed a link between the Tengu and the Ninja. The Tengu was imprisoned within a sacred stone called the Eye of Eternity. The Sorcerer tried to claim the stone, knowing it would make him unstoppable, but the Ninja used the stone to imprison the Sorcerer underground. Today, the stone resides in a mosaic in the lobby of Norrisville High, and only the Ninja's hand can release the Tengu from its prison.



The Tengu is capable of possessing and gaining control of a human host, though the host still retains a number of their physical features. The time it takes for the Tengu to fully possess someone varies, from a few seconds to a couple of hours. However, the Tengu seems to desire the control, and usually possesses the most available and closest victim.

When the creature possesses Howard Weinerman, his eyes occasionally flash red, and he starts sprouting feathers. Over time, he starts behaving like a bird, flapping his arms and screeching like a bird of prey. He gets exhausted until the Tengu takes complete control over him, which causes him to fully transform into a bird creature.


The Tengu is capable of fighting its foes using its sharp talons or by using its wings as fists. It can also fire its feathers as projectiles.


Since the Tengu shares a link with the Ninja, they possess the same strengths and weaknesses. This means that when the Ninja gets an injury, the Tengu receives that same injury as well. Randy used this tactic to hurt himself in order for the Tengu to leave Howard's body.


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