Teddi Barra is a female bear who performs in the Disney theme park attraction Country Bear Jamboree. She descends from the ceiling on a flower-covered swing.

She holds a parasol and wears a hat and pink feather boa, similar to Mae West.

It's implied that she has a backstage romance with master of ceremonies Henry.


From 1972's Country Bear Jamboree record album:

Teddi Barra was discovered sitting on a soda fountain stool in an ice cream parlor three miles from Gentry, Arkansas. From there, her rise in show biz was meteoric, and the ravishing beauty is known as The Jewel of the Dakotas. Though she has always wanted to perform serious drama, her fans have never let her forget her feather boa and her parasol, both of which have been promised to the Daughters of Benton County Western Museum when they wear out. In Grizzly Hall she performs her famous “Heart, We Did All We Could” while descending from the ceiling on a swing. She has been called The Last of the Big Time Swingers.