Dr. Theodore "Ted" Brooks is the protagonist of the 2002 Disney comedy Snow Dogs. He is a dentist in Miami. He finds out he is adopted after he is called to Alaska to his birth mother's will reading. He gains her house and everything in it, along with her sled dog team. He also finds out his father is a white mountain man named James "Thunder Jack" Johnson.

Role in the film

Ted Brooks is a dentist from Miami. During his childhood, he was helping his father in his cabinet for career day, and he grew up without knowing the truth about his past. When he is working on the cabinet, his mother always gives cookies to the children patients because she tells him that they are the only things to make them come back. Then, he receives the visit of a mailman, who gives him a paper saying he is invited to Alaska for a will concerning a woman named Lucy Watkins. At first, it seems like a misunderstanding until his mother finally comes clean about telling him he is adopted. Ted, in shock, blacks out and after the revelation, walks in the street with a deceit in his eyes.

One night in his nightmare, Ted discovers he's an Inuit, so he decides to go to Alaska and his adoptive cousin Rupert gives him some Alaskan gear. When Rupert adds that Ted is gonna receive an expensive bill for a massage chair (which Ted evidently didn't order), Ted angrily kicks his cousin out of his apartment. Ted also utterly hates Chester, the poodle next door to his apartment (because he won't stop barking) and he splashes him with water.

When Ted arrives to Alaska after taking his flight, Ted sees he inherited all the stuff of his mother--her dogs (seven Huskies lead by the temperamental Demon and a Border Collie named Nana), her house and everything else. He begins to fall in love with Barb the bartender, but just considers her as a friend.

So later, he decides to find his biological father, but unsuccessfully until Thunder Jack, a mountain man, is the last one to see him. Jack denies being his father by telling him to leave him alone and punches him in the face. Ted also has problems with some of the dogs, Demon in particular, because the dog gives him trouble every time by attacking him. Later, after a dog snow accident, Jack finds him and saves his life but lies to him about not being in love with his mother and still denies being his father, so Ted has no choice but to leave Alaska and the dogs in Thunder Jack's care.

When he returns to Miami, he seems to have completely changed his attitude, like making peace with the dogs and living in the cold. When his adoptive mother finally discovers the picture with the father behind one of Lucy's pictures after dropping it, Ted knows Jack lied to him when he said he never went to see his mother in the hospital. So, he decides to return to Alaska to find Jack to find out the truth, but he learns he decided to continue his race in a snowstorm. So, Ted decides to go out and find him and puts Nana as leader and mushes to find Jack. When he finally arrives to the cave, he finds Demon and Jack with a broken leg. He helps out Jack, who finally tells him the truth and admits that he hates liars and that he lied because he knew he couldn't raise him because him and Lucy were different and he was nowhere close to being a father, so they wanted the best for Ted to be raised by someone else. The next morning, Ted finally confronts Demon and takes out a bad tooth from his mouth after biting him on his ear to show him who's boss as everyone's been telling him to do.

On their way back home, Ted wants to go to the hospital for Jack's leg but Jack decides to continue the race. When they are running too fast, they are about to fall from a cliff but Demon, Nana, and the other dogs help them to get back on the road. So, Ted finally arrives with Jack to the finish line and tell his father it's not bad for a dentist from Miami, which Jack agrees on and the two of them laugh. Ted is happy to see his adoptive mother, hugs her, introduces her to Jack, and he finally kisses and marries Barb. At the end of the movie, Ted opens a new dentist cabinet in Alaska with his wife, who is now pregnant with their child.


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