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"Team Tipton" is the seventy-eighth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Maddie returns and does not get along with Nia at all, while Esteban and Patrick are also fighting. Carey then gets into an argument with Patrick, after saying he was making noise during her performance. Meanwhile, when Zack causes some customers to leave, he and Cody schedule a bug convention at the Tipton to make it up to Mr. Moseby. However, Zack who is afraid of bugs, accidentally releases the bugs into the Tipton. Mr. Moseby makes arrangements for a seminar to be held at the Tipton for himself, Arwin, Esteban, Patrick, Carey, Millicent, Maddie, London, and Nia to help them to learn to respect their co-workers.

Guest stars

  • Giovonnie Samuels as Nia.
  • Pat Finn as Sandy Butteaux.
  • Kara Taitz as Millicent.


  • This is the only time where Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick and Giovonnie Samuels as Nia Moseby both appear in the same episode.

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