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"Team-A-Rooney" is the second episode in Season 1 of Liv & Maddie. It received 3.6 million total viewers.


Maddie is named captain of the girls’ basketball team just as the school principal announces he is cutting funding for the program. Determined to change his mind, Maddie voices her concern to the principal, only to realize her team has abandoned her. Frustrated with her lack of leadership skills, Maddie turns to Liv to help her earn the team’s respect. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey are challenged trying to find a bevy of tarantulas that escaped after Parker brought them home from school, unbeknownst to their mom.

Episode Summary

The episode begins with the Rooney's in the morning sitting down to eat breakfast together. Liv announces the beginning of the rest of their lives with her. She comes over to sit down and eat with the family but does not see her normal chair of which Maddie reveals was broken over Joey's back while he and Parker were wrestling. Karen asks Joey to get Liv a chair. Liv, anxious and excited to be seated, is disappointed when Joey instead gives her a trashcan to sit on saying, "Welcome to home, Hollywood."


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jessica Marie Garcia as Willow
  • Amanda Misquez as Cassie
  • Bridgette Shergalis as Stains
  • Emmy Buckner as Liv #2
  • Shelby Wulfert as Maddie #2

Memorable Quotes

Pete: Parker, what do you want in your lunch? Apple or banana?
Parker: Keep going until you get to cupcake!
Karen: You know, this is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to stand to eat your breakfast. Joey, get her a seat.
Joey: [picks up trashcan for Liv] Welcome home, Hollywood.
Maddie: Liv, what are you doing in here?
Liv: Oh, I don't sleep in bags.
Liv: Ooh, fabosh! We are now officially ready for step two.
Maddie: Remind me what step two is again.
Principal:If you will excuse me, I have to go tell the yearbook club, that we are printing last year's again. Sorry 9th graders, you lose.
Joey: Wait, I am 9th grader.That was the best yearbook picture I ever taken. WAIT!

Production Information



  • Team-A-Rooney is the first episode about Maddie and her team.
  • This episode does not have Diggie in it even though he's captain of the boys' basketball team.


  • When the tarantulas are crawling up Karen's back, there are 5. However, there were 6 and Parker had found 3 of them, so there could not have been 5 loose.

International Premiere

  • 18 October, 2013 (Disney Channel Australia)



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