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"Taxi Dance" is the thirtieth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


When the taxicab that Alex was born in (Cab 804) is retired, Alex magically repairs it in order for her and her family to continue to cherish the memories of her birth. However, Alex unintentionally brings it to life as well, and when the Cab decides to remain by Alex's side at all times. It follows her all over the place, and eventually crashes through the window of the loft; amazingly, Jerry and Theresa are far from angry at Alex when she explains her intentions, and Cab 804 ultimately decides to leave and go back to work. After all, Alex already has a family looking after her.


  • I can't bear to part with this cab that won't drive, do whatever it needs doing to bring it alive – bring a cab to life
  • Rope through Greenwald's, help me now, climb up there and tie a bow – tie a rope into a bow

Magical objects:

  • Cab 804 – an average taxicab that Alex brought back to life using magic.

Guest stars: John Capodice as "Uncle" Al and Adam Carolla as the voice of Burt the Cab

Notes: When Alex decides to fix the cab using magic, Harper responds saying that she hates it when Alex comes up with an idea although, Harper had just found out in the last episode (Harper Knows).

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