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Tasty Time with ZeFronk is an animated series of five-minute long shorts produced for and airs on Disney Junior, and previously on Playhouse Disney.

The series was created by children's book writer/illustrator Ethan Long and written by Craig Shemin, who also created and wrote Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol[1]


A French Dachshund called ZeFronk hosts a healthy cooking show from his doghouse with his assistant, a songbird named Sue, and a cat named Dom that always sneaks away the snacks that ZeFronk makes, and each episode ends with ZeFronk chasing Dom around the prep counter. This animated short-form series is aimed at getting preschoolers to eat more wisely.


  • ZeFronk (Rob Paulsen) - a French dachshund who has the talent of cooking. He makes food that is quite delicious which lures Dom into his kitchen.
  • Sue - the assistant of ZeFronk. She resembles a songbird.
  • Dom (Mark Hamill) - the sneaky Maine Coon who always steals the food that ZeFronk makes.


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