Tarzan Freeride

It is actually the video game Tarzan Untamed for ps2 but it is also known as Tarzan Freeride!


An Epic, Engrossing Storyline: Confront a new peril threatening Tarzan and his friends.  Next-Generation Graphics: Plunge into deep 3-D jungle environments patterned after the spellbinding backdrops in Disney's Tarzan.  An Extreme-Action Edge: Execute jaw-dropping moves as Tarzan! Bungee jump, water-ski, surf raging rapids, and powerslide across treacherous jungle terrain.  Immense Worlds: Explore vast jungle worlds like the Swamp and the Elephant Graveyard, with 15 levels of wild action.  Features all the Main Movie Characters: Tarzan, Jane, Terk, Tantor & Porter, plus new friends and enemies.  Two Modes of Fun: Save the jungle with Tarzan's amazing athletic skills in Story Mode. 

In Terk's Challenge Mode, replay levels with Time Attack and Beat the Score to unlock 3 new characters and 3 new tricks for Tarzan. 
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