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Tanti is a young boy who appeared in the Aladdin TV series.

He lives in the marketplace with his mother and sister. He also has a strong relationship with Jasmine as she's almost like a second mother to him. In the episode "Do the Rat Thing", she gives him, his mother and sister a watermelon when she was a rat.

Tanti had a much larger role in "The Ethereal". A wagon he and his mother were pulling fell over and Aladdin and his friends fixed it. Jasmine looked at a hankerchief saying it was very nice. Tanti said that he made it with his mother and Jasmine says that she would love to buy it and gives him a bag of coins. She later sacrifices her life to save him from a crashing building. When she's brought back to life, Tanti gives her a great big hug.


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