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Tangles is a Vinedrill Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. He was first used in the episode "Mecha Mutiny" to defeat the guys who had cornered Eli and Pronto.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities: Sprouts small vines, can release spores that tickle the nose.
  • Itchypants: Shoots pouches of itching powder, like a puffball mushroom.(can be used like signal flare).
  • Tendrella - Vines grow from where the slug hits, binding an opponent.
  • Ivydust - Vines with pop-up flowers bloom around foe to deliver sleep pollen.
  • Vinelash - Vines sprout up to wrap up an opponent, while tendrils lash at them.
  • Vinevent - Vines sprout funnels and spinning pods that can suck up toxic gas to neutralize it. (used in No Exit to suck up the Neurotox-fog) (vinevents can be corupted if the neotox have been ghouled and can only be turned back to normal with a healer slug).
  • Thicketthorn - Tendrils create wall of interwoven vines; tangles, and cuts foes who try to enter.



  • Eli caught Spinner while trying to catch a Hoverbug in "Mecha Mutiny".

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