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The following is a list of episodes of Tangled: The Series, listed in the order they originally aired.

The series premiered on March 24, 2017 while the series pilot movie, Before Ever After, premiered on March 10. The series is reportedly planned to air seventy-eight episodes over the course of three seasons. By season two, the series was re-titled Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot March 10, 2017
Shorts 9 May 5, 2017 TBA
1 21 March 24, 2017 January 13, 2018
2 TBA June 24, 2018 TBA

Television Film

Title Original Airdate
Tangled: Before Ever After March 10, 2017
Rapunzel grapples with the responsibilities of being a princess and the overprotective ways of her father. While she wholeheartedly loves Eugene, Rapunzel does not share his immediate desire to get married and settle down within the castle walls. Determined to live life on her own terms, she and her tough-as-nails Lady-in-Waiting Cassandra embark on a secret adventure where they encounter mystical rocks that magically cause Rapunzel’s long blonde hair to grow back. Impossible to break and difficult to hide, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her hair and all that it represents.

Short Cuts (2017-2018)

# Title Original Airdate
01 "Checkmate" May 5, 2017
While Maximus is on guard duty, Pascal goes to great lengths to convince him to play a game of chess.
02 "Prison Bake" May 12, 2017
Attila, the Pub Thug baker, explains the story of how he conceived his signature baked good.
03 "Make Me Smile" May 19, 2017
Old Lady Crowley is the grumpiest person in Corona, but that doesn’t stop Rapunzel from trying to make her smile.
04 "Hare Peace" May 26, 2017
Rapunzel is tasked to watch the Cobbler's pet bunny, which proves to be no easy task.
05 "Night Bite" June 25, 2018
When Raps camps out under the stars, Max has difficulty guarding her when he is plagued by a single mosquito.
06 "Hiccup Fever" July 7, 2018
Everyone is eager to present the perfect cure when Rapunzel comes down with a bad case of the hiccups.
07 "Snowball" August 4, 2018
Rapunzel and Pascal's plan to make a perfect snowman turns into a treacherous, downhill chase.
08 "Hairdon't" August 20, 2018
Rapunzel gives Eugene a haircut, but it doesn’t turn out as well as she’d hoped.
09 "Unicorny" August 23, 2018
Rapunzel puts her private eye skills to work when Vladimir's favorite ceramic unicorn goes missing.

Season One (2017-2018)

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
01 01 "What the Hair?!" March 24, 2017 101
Rapunzel and Cassandra seek out an alchemist in their first attempt of solving the mystery as to how Rapunzel's golden hair grew back. Eugene follows them but things don't go quite as planned due to something under the ground.
02 02 "Rapunzel's Enemy" March 31, 2017 102
When Rapunzel gets booed at a ceremony, she attempts to win the favor of this jeerer, especially when the jeerer, Uncle Monty, is liked by everyone else.
03 03 "Fitzherbert P.I." April 7, 2017 103
After successfully catching a criminal, Eugene trains to be a royal guard. Unfortunately, the Captain of the Guards, who happens to be Cassandra's father, shares Cassandra's loathing of him. Meanwhile, Rapunzel prepares for her royal portrait to be painted by revered painter The Giovanni.
04 04 "Challenge of the Brave" April 14, 2017 104
When Rapunzel catches Cassandra practicing for the Challenge of the Brave, she decides to compete as well.
05 05 "Cassandra v. Eugene" April 21, 2017 105
Cassandra and Eugene have been arguing a lot. In order to coerce them to get along, Rapunzel tricks them into entering a dungeon cell and locks them up so that they can settle their differences. Of course Rapunzel's plan doesn't go well when The Stabbington Brothers plan to take advantage of this by getting even with Eugene and Cassandra.
06 06 "The Return of Strongbow" April 28, 2017 106
An old childhood friend and fellow partner-in-crime of Eugene's, Lance Strongbow, comes to Corona to ask him for help. Cassandra, naturally, does not trust Strongbow. Eugene reluctantly decides to aid his childhood partner-in-crime, but learns that they have broken into the basement of The Baron himself. Finding a ring with Corona's crest, Eugene suddenly recalls that the ring he had stolen eight years ago belonged to Queen Arianna. He severs all friendship ties with Lance and admits his former actions to his future mother-in-law. Outside, he gives Rapunzel a jeweled flower and apologizes for having lied to her. King Fredric sees the ring on Arianna's finger, to which she replies that Eugene had "found it that morning".
07 07 "In Like Flynn" July 23, 2017 107
Eugene helps the king pull a prank on a rival kingdom. They end up in jail because the king insisted on doing things his way, but escape when he goes along with a plan created by Eugene. Cassandra teaches Rapunzel what a prank is, and she attempts to pull a good one.
08 08 "Great Expotations" July 30, 2017 108
A science exposition is held in Corona, and Cassandra has a chance to be on guard duty, but she must finish her Lady-in-waiting obligations first. Varian makes a deal with Cassandra that he will help finish her chores if she agrees to assist him in his demonstration. However, Cassandra accepts the assignment to guard the famous scientist who is judging the contest and thus unavailable to help. When things go wrong, though, she chooses her friend over duty. Meanwhile, Rapunzel tries to make an entry for the science fair. Varian shows Cassandra and Rapunzel the strange Black Rocks outside his village, much like the ones that made Rapunzel's hair grow back. Varian decides to help Rapunzel and Cassandra in discovering the mystery of these rocks and the connection between them and the newfound magical abilities of Rapunzel's regrown hair.
09 09 "Under Raps" August 6, 2017 109
It is the Day of Hearts, commemorating the day when two rival kingdoms united by the loving union of their leaders, but Cassandra is unusually moody and distracted. Turns out, she has got a secret crush by the name of Andrew, but is her heart what he is really after?
10 10 "One Angry Princess" August 13, 2017 110
Attila has opened his new business, but he cannot quite compete against Uncle Monty and his Sweet Shack across the way. When the shack is found vandalized, only Rapunzel believes in his innocence, and has twenty-four hours to prove it before he is shipped off to a prison barge.
11 11 "Pascal's Story" August 20, 2017 114
When Pascal begins to feel like he does not fit into Rapunzel's new life in the castle, he runs away...back to the tower.
12 12 "Big Brothers of Corona" October 1, 2017 115
When an infamous thief turns out to be two orphaned little girls, Eugene and Lance try to turn the girls away from their life of crime.
13 13 "The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth" October 8, 2017 117
On a rainy night, The Snuggly Duckling gets haunted by the ghost of the original owner, Ruthless Ruth. Rapunzel soon learns the reason behind the ghost's return and manages to appease her by fulfilling her lifelong dream.
14 14 "Max's Enemy" October 15, 2017 118
Maximus is jealous when a new horse called Axel comes to Corona and steals his popularity, only to suspect he is up to something.
15 15 "The Way of the Willow" October 22, 2017 119
Queen Ariana's estranged younger sister, Wilhelmina, or "Willow" for short, appears uninvited on her sister's birthday. She gives her an unusual creature for a present that ends up causing a huge problem during the nine-year Imperium Shower.
16 16 "Queen for a Day" November 19, 2017 111
Rapunzel takes over the kingdom while her parents are away just as a blizzard strikes. Unfortunately, every royal decision she makes to help the people of Corona backfires badly. Meanwhile, Varian discovers the mystical rock spikes are multiplying dangerously all over the kingdom. As his father refuses to tell him anything, he decides to head to the castle to ask for Rapunzel's aid, as he knows that she has some mysterious connection to the rock spikes. Her heart torn, Rapunzel reluctantly declines going to Varian's aid, causing him to return home, only to find his father completely encased within the mystical rock spikes. Saddened, Varian furiously vows to find answers on how to bring his father back, no matter what it takes or whomever stands in his way!
17 17 "Painter's Block" November 25, 2017 113
In the aftermath of the blizzard, Rapunzel's confidence is shaken. In an effort to get her mojo back, she rededicates herself to painting and enrolls in an art class.
18 18 "Not in the Mood" December 2, 2017 116
Fed up with their constant bickering, Maximus gives Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra an "attitude-reversing" potion.
19 19 "The Quest for Varian" December 9, 2017 120
After another nightmare about her hair, Rapunzel gets a message from Varian saying he may have solved the mystery of the rocks and needs her to find the bronze Graphtyc. Rapunzel and her friends journey to Old Corona, which is now overgrown by the Black Rocks. Along the way, they come across a group of masked figures who are out to stop Rapunzel from seeking the answers she wants.
20 20 "The Alchemist Returns" December 16, 2017 121
Varian comes to Rapunzel for help in finding the remnants of the Magical Golden Flower, which may hold the key to stopping the Black Rocks. Working together, they venture through the old tunnels beneath Corona. However, as they reach their prize, Varian betrays Rapunzel and steals the flower so he can use it to free his father. Unfortunately, his attempts fail, only for him to realize that the flower's magic now exists within Rapunzel.
21 21 "Secret of the Sun Drop" January 13, 2018 122
On Rapunzel's nineteenth birthday, Corona is attacked by an Automaton sent by Varian, which causes Frederic to lock Rapunzel in her room to keep her safe from further danger. Eugene and Cassandra help break her out to go after Varian, but the alchemist uses his pet raccoon, mutated as a wild beast, to assault the kingdom, incapacitating many of the Royal Guards and using the chaos to kidnap Arianna, whom he uses as leverage to lure Rapunzel to Old Corona. Led by Cassandra, Eugene, Rapunzel, and Frederic, the Royal Guards lay siege to Varian's house, who uses automatons to keep them at bay. Varian attempts to use Rapunzel's hair to free his father, but it is of no use. Angry and with nothing left to lose, he uses a giant automaton to attack, threatening to kill Cassandra and Arianna. Rapunzel, however, uses her connection to the black rocks to defeat Varian, who is arrested for his crimes and vows vengeance. Rapunzel notices that the rocks are now pointing away from Corona and towards an unknown destination beyond the border wall, a path which Rapunzel is encouraged to follow.

Season Two: Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (2018)

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
22 01 "Beyond the Corona Walls" June 24, 2018 201/202
Rapunzel has begun following the Black Rocks and joining her on her journey are Eugene, Cassandra, Pascal, Maximus, Lance, Hook Foot and Shorty. During this time on the road, Eugene is planning on proposing to Rapunzel again, but when Rapunzel accidentally reveals herself when he is practicing it causes an awkward situation between the couple when Rapunzel does not give him an answer. Meanwhile, Rapunzel and the group are making their first stop in Vardaros, a city Eugene and Lance previously visited in their past, but discover it has become overrun with criminals. While Eugene and the boys remain in the city to gather supplies, news of Eugene's arrival quickly spreads among the citizens, including the city's leader, The Baron, a criminal kingpin who previously worked with Eugene and Lance in the past and seeks revenge. Eugene, Lance and Shorty are quickly captured by the Baron's men and taken to his castle where they met by the Baron and his daughter, Stalyan, Eugene's ex-fiancée. The Baron threatens Lance's life unless Eugene marries Stalyan. Meanwhile, Rapunzel and Cassandra meet Adira, a mysterious warrior who harbours knowledge on the Black Rocks, but their meeting is interrupted when Hook Foot arrives and reveals Eugene has been kidnapped. Rapunzel and the gang return to Vardaros to find Eugene, only to learn about his engagement to Stalyan, leaving Rapunzel heartbroken and regretting her decision on rejecting Eugene's marriage proposal. However, after being encouraged by Cassandra, Rapunzel returns to Vardaros and stops the wedding between Eugene and Stalyan, resulting in a fight breaking out. The Baron is defeated, Lance is saved and Rapunzel and Eugene are reunited and decide to once again hold off on marriage. Rapunzel and the group resume their journey, but not before Rapunzel receives a scroll piece from Adira with new information on the Black Rocks.
23 02 "The Return of Quaid" July 1, 2018 203
Following the Baron's defeat, Rapunzel and the group are ready to depart Vardaros, but Rapunzel is unhappy to leave the city in a disastrous state. Matters worsen when Anthony the Weasel, the Baron's right-hand man decides take over Vardaros as the new leader. Rapunzel and the group intervene, but Anthony promises to return in a few days to permanently take over the city. Rapunzel and the group stay to fight, but find no one is willing to help. Vex advises the group to seek out Captain Quaid, the former sheriff of Vardaros who is now retired. Rapunzel and the group go to meet Quaid and convince him to come out of retirement to help save Vardaros. Quaid is rusty after years of retirement, causing him to lose confidence in himself but also believes Vardaros is no longer worth saving. Rapunzel and the group retrain Quaid and secretly help get his confidence back by faking a robbery. With renewed confidence, Quaid agrees to help and makes Vex his deputy, but changes his mind when he learns the robbery was faked, resulting in Vex, Rapunzel and the group facing Anthony alone. Anthony returns with a bounty hunter and while they originally have the upper hand against the group, Quaid returns and alongside Vex are victorious after inspiring the citizens to take back their city.
24 03 "Goodbye and Goodwill" July 8, 2018 204
In hopes of further uplifting the spirits of the citizens, Rapunzel decides to bring the Goodwill festival to Vardaros, but the citizens are not enthusiastic about the upcoming festivities. However, the people of Vardaros start to become interested when Cassandra presents daring and dangerous activities. Rapunzel and Cassandra attempt to work together, but they quickly begin to argue and disagree over plans and activities, resulting in them breaking off their partnership and planning their own separate events. However, Rapunzel notices everyone is more interested in Cassandra's ideas and attempts a reconciliation, but the competitiveness between them further escalates and Rapunzel prepares the final event, featuring both dangers and thrills. Eugene tries to help Rapunzel and Cassandra mend their friendship and handcuffs them together. Meanwhile, Lance and Hook Foot are in charge of finding a gopher for the final event, but bring back a dangerous Sneezeweasel instead that quickly begins to cause harm and disarray. Rapunzel and Cassandra work together to stop the Sneezeweasel and at the same time reconcile their friendship. By the end of the festival, Rapunzel and the group leave Vardaros and continue on their journey.
25 04 "Forest of No Return" July 15, 2018 205
The group finds themselves lost in the mysterious, ever-changing "Forest of No Return". Eugene's navigating skills prove disastrous for everyone until the mysterious Adira appears yet again, with a map that can lead them through it. Eugene becomes envious of Adira, and becomes separated from the group after falling into a sink pool. They eventually find their way out and continue their journey.
26 05 "Freebird" July 22, 2018 206
When their caravan breaks down, Rapunzel and Cassandra wander off, where they eventually meet a couple only known as the Mother and Father, who trick them into drinking a tea that turns them into birds. Though assured can use magical eggs to return to normal before they lose their intelligence within an hour, the group finds out that the Mother and Father have been tricking and imprisoning innocent people as birds. As the group escapes and use the eggs to restore the villains' victims to normal, the supply runs out for Rapunzel, angering Cassandra enough to smash the magic teapot, causing the villains to vanish. Fortuitously, a transformed Shorty produces the eggs needed to restore himself and Rapunzel to normal.
27 06 "Vigor the Visionary" July 29, 2018 207
Rapunzel and Eugene are on a date together until they come across a fortunate teller, Madame Canardist who presents them her pet monkey, Vigor the Visionary who can make psychic predictions. While Eugene refuses to believe fortunate tellers to be real, he and Rapunzel soon find themselves helping Madame Canardist when Vigor is stolen. Eugene quickly deduces the identity of the thieves responsible: Angry and Red. Rapunzel and Eugene reunite with Angry and Red, who reveal they "borrowed" Vigor as Angry believes he can help her find her long lost family. Eugene and Rapunzel agree to help, despite Eugene's worries, concerns and doubts. Vigor begins to lead the group and soon Angry is apparently reunited with her family who also welcome Red. However, Eugene and the group quickly realize the couple are not Angry's real family and are actually two thieves in hiding. Angry and Red stop them, but Angry is left upset. Eugene comforts Angry, helping her realize that while she may not have found her birth family, she has found a new family in Red, uplifting her spirits. The group returns Vigor to Madame Canardist and Red and Angry once again part ways with Eugene and Rapunzel.
28 07 "Keeper of the Spire" August 5, 2018 TBA
Rapunzel, Cassandra, Eugene and Lance need to go to the top of the spire to get the third piece of the scroll. In order to do so, they must go to the Keeper of the Spire. They meet an infuriating woman, Calliope, who claims that she is the keeper of the spire. However, she confesses she is not the real keeper, but the apprentice of the real keeper. Because of the unexpected disappearance of the keeper, she felt that she lost purpose, and Rapunzel inspired her to try to become a real keeper. They manage to defeat the protector and get the scroll. The real keeper appears and reveals that everything was a test, and now that Calliope passed the test, she is now the keeper. The group returns to the caravan to investigate the third piece, revealing a "man in a hood".
29 08 "King Pascal" August 12, 2018 TBA
The group gets stranded on an island after a storm. The tiny islanders, the Lorbs, mistake Pascal for their mystical ruler; the chameleon loves the adulation, until he is expected to protect his people from a vicious monster.
30 09 "There's Something About Hook Foot" August 19, 2018 TBA
The group have recently begun to notice a change in Hook Foot's behaviour and discover he has developed romantic feelings for a mermaid named Seraphina, but is nervous about his upcoming first date with her. Rapunzel and Eugene attempt to help Hook Foot by offering him advice, but realize they have a difference in opinion on how Hook Foot should behave. Eventually, Hook Foot and Seraphina's first date arrives and despite a rocky upstart, Hook Foot and Seraphina grow closer and fall in love. However, Water Goblins suddenly appear from the ocean and are after Seraphina, who is revealed to be a thief after stealing a priceless delicate pearl. Seraphina and Hook Foot attempt to run away together, but in the end, Seraphina willingly gives herself to save Hook Foot and the group.
31 10 "Happiness Is..." August 26, 2018 TBA
Rapunzel begins to feel homesick for Corona when she finds an old letter written by her father in one of the many Lanterns sent from her previous birthdays. In attempts to uplift her spirits, Rapunzel explores the island and comes across a magical idol that brings instant happiness to whoever possesses it. Rapunzel begins to hallucinate her family and friends back in Corona and soon shares the idol with the rest of the group. However, everyone starts to become obsessive over the idol, desperately wanting it for themselves. Rapunzel tricks everyone into giving her the idol, but when the Lorbs try to help Rapunzel, they fall under the idol's control and soon begin to terrorise the village. Rapunzel's friends and the Lorbs begin to fight each other to acquire the idol and Rapunzel, finally realising the error of her ways, manages to gain the idol and with the help of Eugene and Cassandra overcomes it's power and destroys it. The group and Lorbs hold a celebration in honour of their victory and Rapunzel comes to terms with her homesickness and sends a lantern back to Corona and her parents.
TBA TBA "The Brothers Hook" TBA 218

Season Three

No. in
No. in
Title Original Airdate Production
TBA TBA "Cassandra's Revenge" TBA 313

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