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Talia Robinson is Max's girlfriend who first appears in the episode "Back to Max".



When Max was turned into Maxine, he tried to take advantage of his transformation to convince Talia to date him as Max. When Mr. Laritate tells Jerry and Theresa that they are lazy parents for getting store-bought decorations for the school show they decide to use confetti to fire through a cannon for the grande finale. When they learn that Maxine is going to turn back into Max on stage in front of everyone, they decide to fire the cannon to cover the transformation.

Talia is very impressed and so when Max asks her out, she agrees. She says; "Okay. You know, your cousin Maxine was right about you Max. But, don't bring her on our date. I think she has a crush on you". In "Magic Unmasked", Talia is forcing Max to do things she likes and he does not. Theresa is upset by this and tries to get Max out of watching a chick-flick with Talia by telling her he has chores to do. She tells Max that he has absolutely nothing in common with Talia, but Max argues that he does. Talia tells Max to wear a suit, which completely argues with his general casual style.

Talia then tells Max that they are perfect for each other, and says that they both like brussel sprouts and opera music, things that Max hates. When Max says; "How do we feel about video games?". Talia says; "Oh, we frown upon them". Max replies; "I was afraid we would say that". Max then later realizes that he truly doesn't have anything in common with Talia when his mom tells him there is a Lucha wrestling match that night. Max says he loves Lucha wrestling, to which Talia responds; "No, you don't Max, it's barbaric". Max breaks up with Talia after telling her he doesn't enjoy any of the things she wants him to. Later that day, when Max is at the wrestling match, he is talking to a stranger in the crowd wearing a wrestling mask.

That person is Talia, and she takes her mask off and tells Max that she is sorry about forcing him to do things he did not like to do, and she also said; "So I decided to try something you actually like for a change, I'm having a great time". As a result, Max and Talia are reunited. In the episode "Alex the Puppetmaster", Talia's parents do not approve of the Russo family. To avoid having an uncomfortable relationship with his girlfriend's family, Max uses a spell so they will meet for the first time again. The families like each other after this second "first" meeting.


  • "Back to Max"
  • "Magic Unmasked"
  • "Alex the Puppetmaster"

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