Tal Hajus is the tertiary antagonist in Disney's John Carter. He is a Thark warrior who frequently disagrees with the Thark Jeddak (King) Tars Tarkas.

John Carter

Tal Hajus is a Thark warrior who frequently disagrees with Tars Tarkas and wants nothing more than to overthrow Tarkas and become the Thark Jeddak. Tal Hajus is there when they first find John Carter. Hajus frequently wants to kill him, but Tars Tarkas always stops him, and at that point he tries to challenge Tarkas' authority, but no one suppors him.

After John, Dejah Thoris, and Sola violated their laws, Tal Hajus sees Tars Tarkas confronting Carter, and tells Hajus that he will kill him, Dejah and Sola. However, sceretly, he allowed them to escape. When Hajus discovers this, he declares to the Tharks that Tarkas has "betrayed them".

When John and Sola returned, Tal Hajus had overthrown Tars Tarkas and took his position as Jeddak. Hajus imprisons both Tarkas and John, forces them both to fight in the arena with a couple of White Apes. But he watches in astonishment as John is able to eventually kill both after a battle. John then challenges Hajus for the throne. Hajus initially refused, stating that Carter is "not Thark". But, not wanting to look weak in front of his people and that John has earned their favor, he accepts, but just as he jumps down to the arena, John jumps and quickly decapitates Hajus, and he was dead before his body hit the ground.