Skeleton King Droid

Skeleton King Droid (aka TV Monster) A black and bulky looking, yet powerful robot made to personally serve The Skeleton King as his herald. It has a large monitor at its center, on which The Skeleton King was screened.

Role in the Series

In Season 1, as The Skeleton King could not leave the Citadel of Bone, the TV Monster did his work, carrying his essence wherever it needed to go. It was defeated at the end of Season 1, and was not seen until late Season 2, where it was it blown away from the Citadel of Bone, but apparently not destroyed.

It returned in early Season 3, abducted by an infected robot mind who was bent on destroying everything that ever had contact with The Skeleton King. No longer able to ferry The Skeleton King's essence around, the TV Monster fused itself with the remnants of the robot mind instead, becoming The Skeleton King Droid (or Skeleton Droid). All its attacks were upgraded, and it became undefeatable. It can take out lasers from every part of itself, transform into a ball, and fly at incredible speeds. At the end of Season 3, it was destroyed by the Super Robot. Mandarin recovered it, and now uses it as a ship.