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Background information
Feature films The Incredibles
Short films Jack-Jack Attack
Television programs
Video games The Incredibles (as young Buddy)
Disney INFINITY series
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jason Lee
Ronald Cheng (Cantonese)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Buddy Pine
Other names Incrediboy
Personality Evil, cruel, sarcastic, intelligent, inventive, sarcastic, cynical, psychopathic, dark, charismatic, vengeful, slightly laid back, cheerful (formerly)
Appearance Slender, muscular, brief Barrel chest, mane of red hair, freckled, blue eyes, black superhero costume with white S, white gloves, gleaming black cape
Occupation Supervillain
Alignment Bad
Affiliations Disney Villains
Goal To kill Mr. Incredible, his family, and other superheroes, because of Mr. Incredible's mistake, to become a superhero, and later to kidnap Jack-Jack as revenge (failed)
Allies Mirage (formerly), his guards
Minions Mirage (formerly), His Omnidroids, guards
Enemies Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash and Violet, Frozone, Mirage, any other superheroes
Likes His inventions, wealth, Mr. Incredible (formerly)
Dislikes Mr. Incredible (currently), failure, being called Buddy
Powers and abilities No natural superpowers, although his genius intelligence and engineering skills have enabled him to build weapons and rocketboots which make him a formiable foe
Fate Gets pulled into his airplane's propeller blades, resulting in his death and the explosion of the plane.
Quote "You, sir, truly are Mr. Incredible. You know, I was right to idolize you? I always knew you were tough, but tricking the probe by hiding under the bones of another super? Oh, MAN! I'm still geeking out about it!"
"I am your biggest fan...."

Syndrome (real name Buddy Pine) is a supervillain, and the main antagonist in the Disney/Pixar 2004 film, The Incredibles. He is voiced by Jason Lee.


As a young Buddy Pine, the boy who would become Syndrome aspired to become a superhero and this goal led him to beg Bob Parr to hire him as a sidekick, "Incredi-boy!". Sadly, after Bob categorically refused to grant Buddy's favor, Buddy returned home in disgrace and rejected the righteous path. He became embittered and eventually descended into megalomania.

Buddy is apparently a technical genius, and even at an early age could create wondrous gadgets to circumvent his lack of "super" powers. After his dismissal at the hands of Mister Incredible, and the dissolution of classical superheroes, the young man turned his gifts towards evil, eventually murdering dozens of superheroes with his Omnidroids and various super weapons. He is a classical sociopath, caring not at all for the rules of society; and seeing it as his mission to make himself the world's ultimate hero through trickery and technology, and when he grows tired of that, to make superheroes entirely obsolete by selling his weapons to the highest bidder. Because "when everyone is super... no one will be."

Role in the film

Pre-Syndrome Years

Syndrome's name was Buddy Pine. As a boy, he wanted to become Mr. Incredible's sidekick, but Incredible constantly rejected him. One night, as Mr. Incredible was facing the criminal Bomb Voyage, Buddy showed up with a pair of rocket boots to help him. Calling himself Incrediboy, he flew off to get the police. He didn't realize that Bomb Voyage had attached a bomb to his cape. Mr. Incredible had to release Voyage to save Buddy. Eventually, Incredible was angry at the boy for meddling in his affairs and the police took him home. In a fit of rage, Buddy stopped idolizing Mr. Incredible and hated him for his actions.

Later Years

15 years later, Buddy became a successful weapons designer. Operating through his agent, Mirage, Buddy sent for several superheroes to fight his battle robot: The Omnidroid series as part of his revenge against Mr. Incredible who refused Buddy's help. All of them were killed by the battle robot and those that actually defeated it were killed by subsequent versions. Buddy deemed it ready to fight his ex-idol and had Mirage send for him when the femme fatale discovered Bob's identity and location. Incredible defeated the robot, but Buddy built another, more powerful unit, v09. The robot defeated Incredible and Buddy arrived, Declaring himself to be Bob's nemesis and better, "Syndrome." Syndrome, in a fit of rage, accidentally tossed Incredible over a cliff with his Immobi-Ray invention, causing the hero to land in a river. After tossing a bomb into the water, Syndrome sent a robot probe after him to confirm that he was dead. Mr. Incredible managed to escape from the probe by hiding behind the corpse of the late hero and activist Gazerbeam.

Operation: Kronos

Incredible snuck into Syndrome's hideout and infiltrated his computer and discovered elements of Syndrome's plot: Operation Kronos. Unfortunately, due to a tracking device, Incredible was caught and held in a high-security torture device. When Syndrome found out that a government aircraft was coming to the island, he sent missiles to destroy plane, not knowing that it was in fact the Parr Family. The family survived and broke Incredible out of Syndrome's prison. Syndrome managed to recapture the family and sent his Omnidroid v10 to wreck the city. However, when he arrived to defeat the robot with a special remote control, The Omnidroid (which had become self-aware like its predecessor before it) betrayed and outsmarted him, destroyed his remote and shot at his rocket boots with a laser gun. With his rocket boots out of control, Syndrome smashed into a building and was knocked unconscious. He remained unconscious during The Incredibles' battle and woke just as the robot was defeated spectacularly; much to his anger.

One Last Attempt and Death

His plans foiled, Syndrome broke into the Incredibles's home and attempted to kidnap their baby, Jack-Jack to be his sidekick and protege, as he had been denied in his own youth. However, Jack-Jack transformed into a mini-monster and disabled his rocket boots. Syndrome got back on his jet and started yelling that he would "get your son eventually!". However as Syndrome laughs evilly, Mr. Incredible threw his prized sports car at the jet, knocking it off-balance and causing Syndrome to slide toward the left turbine. Syndrome's cape got tangled in the spinning blades, just as foreshadowed by Edna Mode, and the evil genius was pulled in, resulting in his death and the explosion of the plane; ending his reign of terror on The Incredibles and avenging the other supers he killed.


According to official sources, Syndrome is mid 20's, is 5'6" (167 cm) and weighs 185 lbs (83 kg).

Other Appearances

Jack-Jack Attack

Syndrome was seen only during the end of Jack-Jack Attack, when he came to the door of the Parrs' home, claiming to be a replacement babysitter, just before he kidnaps Jack-Jack. Here he is shown for the first time without a mask on.

Powers and Abilities

Child Prodigy: When Syndrome was still at a young age, he was a gifted boy who specializes in technology engineering, as he was able to create jet boots at a young age.

Genius Intellect: While not having superpowers, Syndrome's high intellect made him a fierce opponent, his tactical skills and inventions proving to be more than enough to allow him to compete with the likes of Mr. Incredible.

  • Technology Engineering: Syndrome was a formidable foe when it comes to building numerous advanced technology and weapons, as he was also capable of becoming a successful weapons designer.


  • Utility Gauntlets: Using zero-point energy, Syndrome is able to create a field of quantum energy that inhibits the majority of a victim's body movement. If the victim's skin is exposed, the range of motion of the victim's face is also taken to the minimum (only their eyes can move), and the ability to speak is also inhibited. The field is moved by his fingers and can be fired in the forms of energy blasts and concentrated beams. Like the trigger for Spider-Man's web-shooters, the trigger for these weapons is located high on the palm of each hand to prevent most unwanted firings. The left-hand gauntlet also holds the remote control for the Omnidroid. A communicator is likely built into the right-hand gauntlet.
  • Aero Boots: In his short days as IncrediBoy, Buddy used makeshift rockets. As Syndrome, his rocket boots were modified to project flames of blue fire.
  • Bio-Probe: Used to locate temperature, atmosphere and life signals in various locations. Worn in the left-hand gauntlet.
  • Miniature "I"-bomb: Small, but exceedingly powerful explosive. Worn in the right-hand gauntlet.
  • Omnidroid: To date, there have been ten known versions of this battle robot. The first nine were prototypes designed to fight and kill supers. The tenth was used in the foiled Operation Kronos. All of them were artificially intelligent, enabling it to solve any problem that it encounters; Omnidroid v.10 figured out that Syndrome used a remote device to control it and knocked him unconscious. Another feature of the Omnidroids is that they have colored eyes (e.g., 08 has a blue/green eye, v.10 has a red eye). The Omnidroid's only weakness is itself: in the film, Mr. Incredible scrambles into Omnidroid 08's inner workings, making the machine pierce its own hull in a vain attempt to pry the hero free from inside, and later on, Mr. Incredible launches Omnidroid v.10's claw at it and tears right through it, ripping out its power core.
  • Viper: Helicopter-like, VTOL vehicles with ducted fans attached that twist and turn to control the vehicle's altitude and movement. The ducted fans tend to decrease lift when changing independent blade pitch.
  • Velocipod: Round open cars with four surrounding blades that spin at exceedingly high speeds to keep them airborne.
  • Manta Jets: Specially designed transporters resembling manta rays that have a translucent holographic monitor inside, and are able to travel underwater.
  • Energy Prisons: Prisons in which the victim is obtained inside a powerful electric field and unable to escape due to hard metal mineballs.


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  • Syndrome is the second Pixar Villain to die, the first being Hopper.
  • Syndrome is the first villain in a Pixar film to be a serial killer.
  • When Edna Mode refuses to design a cape for Mr. Incredible, deeming capes as hazardous to superheroes, she recalls a number of past accidents that involved their interference. This foreshadows Syndrome's fate.
    • In another bit of foreshadowing, as Incrediboy, Bomb Voyage placed a bomb on his cape before Mr. Incredible got it off, leading to the string of events that brought down costumed superheroes in the first place.
  • Joaquin Phoenix who also voiced Kenai in Brother Bear was considered to voiced Syndrome.
  • Syndrome is similar to Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective in some ways.
    • Both are evil geniuses with capes.
    • Both are revealed to be murderers. Syndrome killed a dozen superheroes to get rid of competition, and Ratigan has drowned several widows and orphans as revealed in the song "World's Greatest Criminal Mind".
    • Both have a famous nemesis. Syndrome's nemesis was the once-famous Mr. Incredible before he retired while Ratigan's nemesis is Basil of Baker Street, the famous mouse detective.
    • Both trap the heroes before heading out to carry their evil plan.
    • Both have a flying vehicle of transportation that eventually gets destroyed. (Syndrome has a jet, Ratigan has a blimp).
    • Both kidnap a young child before trying to escape. (Jack-Jack for Syndrome, Olivia for Ratigan)
    • Both their capes get caught in machinery.


  • "All I ever wanted was to help you. I only wanted to help! And what did you say to me?"
  • "You, sir, truly are Mr. Incredible. You know, I was right to idolize you? I always knew you were tough, but tricking the probe by hiding under the bones of another super? Oh, MAN! I'm still geeking out about it!"
  • "Oh, no. Elastigirl? You married Elastigirl? Ho, ho, ho..."
    [sees the kids] "Oh- and got biz-zay! It's a whole family of supers! Looks like I hit the jackpot! [in a redneck accent] Oh, this is just too good!"
  • "And when everyone is super... no one will be."
  • "Time out!"


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