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This article is about the treehouse in Swiss Family Robinson. For the park attraction at Disneyland, see Swiss Family Treehouse.

The Swiss Family Treehouse is the home of Father Robinson, Mother Robinson, Fritz, Ernst, Francis, Duke and Turk, and most recently Roberta in Swiss Family Robinson.


The building is located on a new island the Robinson family dub "New Switzerland". The building itself was made out of wood from their ship that got shipwrecked and stuck on the rocks and from the trees on the island. It has three rooms: the parents' room, the boys' room, and the living room. Birds can be seen inhabiting in their sometimes. It surrounded by areas where the farm animals and exotic animals are put in.

Rooms shown

  • Parents' room: Where Father and Mother sleep, Father shows Mother how she can look at the stars every night, Mother fixes the curtains in her own design, and Mother dresses up Roberta in proper lady clothing.
  • Boys' room: Where Fritz, Ernst, and Francis sleep.
  • Living room: Where the family celebrates Christmas with singing and dancing, prepare for New Switzerland's new holiday, and Captain Moreland comes to visit the family.

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