"" is the first episode of the first season of the Disney Channel original program, Even Stevens. It was written by Ehrich Van Lowe and directed by Paul Hoen. It originally aired on June 17, 2000.


Louis trades a date with Ren to Ernie Morton for a trading card, the Roaring Drycon, unbeknownst to Ren. Meanwhile, Ren needs to find four hours of volunteer time to be designated the "Volunteer of the Month", in her quest to stay the #1 student at her school. Taking advantage of this, Louis tells Ren that Ernie is part of the "Adopt-a-Friend" program to get her to spend time with him and fulfill Louis's part of the bargain. Although Ernie doesn't get his hoped for kiss from Ren, the four hours suffice and he gives Louis the trading card. This causes Louis to feel guilty and he trades the card in and gets Ren a necklace she had previously admired. The next day at school, Ren finds out the "Adopt-a-Friend" program isn't school sanctioned and confronts Ernie who has been telling people of their "date." After school, Louis explains that he was at fault and gives Ren the necklace. Ren then apologizes to Ernie, who request and receives a hug.


  • Louis: [giving Ernie dating advice] "You get any urges to pick your nose, just say no. Alright?"

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