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Swampy the Gator
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Swampy's Underground Adventures
Video games Where's My Water?

Where's my Water? 2
Where's My Mickey? (cameo)
Where's My Perry? (cameo)

Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Dermot O’Connner[1]
Performance model
Designer Mike Kunkel[2]
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Swampy the Gator
Other names
Personality Brave, determined, funny, fun-loving, neat-freak, overly-hygenic
Appearance Gigantic and slightly obese green American alligator
Birthday June 27th, 1971 (age 43) (see quote below)
Alignment Good
Goal To take a shower and keeping himself clean
Home Sewer
Allies Allie, Rubber Ducky
Enemies Cranky
Likes Water for his shower, Allie, being cared for, rubber ducks
Dislikes Cranky's bullying, getting dirty
Powers and abilities
Weapons Shotgun and Confetti Pitcher
Quote Swampy is a 43-year-old reptile, He born on Chicago, the date, 27th June 1971.

Swampy is the main character in the game Where's My Water?. He is an alligator who lives under the city in the sewers. He also is the only alligator who loves to be clean and take showers. His first appearance is in level 1-1/ "Meet Swampy" as a unique and different character from other alligators, in terms of his personality. Unlike other alligators, he is very nice, kind and generous to other ones that aren't even nice to him. As you find out later in this tale that Swampy is in love with a girl alligator named Allie that used to love Swampy's enemy who is named Cranky. Swampy also loves his Rubber Duck. He dislikes Poison Water, Ooze and Mud. He wants to take a shower with just plain Water.

From Disney's Where's My Water? Website

  • "A lovable outcast amongst the other alligators living in the sewers. He enjoys showering which is something the other alligators just don't understand.
  • Unbeknownst to him the other alligators routinely tamper with his plumbing to stop his showers. The player's goal is to get water to Swampy's broken showers so he can indulge in his favorite pastime."[3]

Swampy's Story

  • "Meet Swampy": Cranky Cranky chews Swampy's pipes and eventually destroys the waterway leading to Swampy's bathroom.
  • "Troubled Waters": Cranky and the other alligators laugh at Swampy.
  • "Under Pressure": Cranky eats lunch with the other alligators and Swampy while Allie watches.
  • "Sink or Swim": Swampy finds a bow for Allie and wants to give it to her (he eventually does and Allie becomes his girlfriend).


Though living in a sewer, Swampy is obsessed with cleanliness and this drives the simple story of the game. He is incredibly sweet and innocent, which makes him an easy target for Cranky and his gang, who despise Swampy for his human-like qualities.

Where's My Water?

Swampy is the main character of the app and lives amongst the other alligators beneath the city streets in a sewer. Here, Swampy is in outcast with no real friends. He keeps happy by doing what he loves best, taking baths. He has a crush on the only female gator in the clan; Allie. He often strives to impress her but because of her boyfriend Cranky, who is also the leader of the clan, Swampy rarely prevails. He is often teased by the other gators because of his nature which is strikingly similar to that of a normal human.

Meetable Character

Swampy will be a meetable character at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, the two water parks at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.


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