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"Surfin' Asteroids" is a song performed by Danny Jacob and Aaron Jacob while the gang is in space in the beginning of "Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel".


Grab a spaceboard and catch a wave,
The asteroid ocean is quite a rave.
We're gonna zoom-zoom-zoom through the stratosphere,
There's a reason that they call it the final frontier.
Shoot the tube into the void,
We're surfin' asteroids!

Take my hand, we're gonna rock and roll,
Past a little red dwarf and a big black hole;
So grab a friend and come right over,
Pretty soon this party's gonna supernova!

Past a big blue comet and a purple quasar,
Just need a pressure suit and a surf guitar.
Just shoot the tube into the void,
We're surfin' asteroids!
(We're surfin' those asteroids)
Surfin' asteroids!
(We're surfin' those asteroids)
Surfin' asteroids!

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