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The Super-Adaptoid is a robot with the powers of the Avengers.  The Super-Adaptoid is one of the Avengers enemies.

The Super-Adaptoid was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Gene Colan.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes tie-in comic books

When Captain America and Thor go to stop A.I.M. from stealing a Stark warehouse, the A.I.M. agents send the Adaptoid after them. At first, the Adaptoid looks like a featureless gray robot until he copies Mjolnir and takes a green color. When Hawkeye, Iron Man and Wasp arrive, the Adaptoid also copies their powers and features. The Super-Adaptoid defeats most of the Avengers save for Captain America and Thor, but Captain America finds the Super-Adaptoid's weak spot on his chest, so he has Thor call the Adaptoid's attention with lightning while Cap reaches and hits the Super-Adaptoid's weak spot.

Avengers Assemble

In this series, the Super-Adaptoid is created by Justin Hammer.  He first was destroyed by the avengers team easly, but was able to adapt and gain each of there powers.  Latter Super-Adaptoid became part of the Red Skull league of villains by being a battle suite for MODOK.

Powers and Abilities

Mimicry: The Adaptoid can copy the powers, appearance, and equipment of any superpowered being in close proximity to it. It then becomes a duplicate of that being, visually indistinguishable from it. Given the opportunity, it can copy up to eight different beings at one time, combining their attributes in a seemingly random fashion, but all these attributes turn green. The main picture, for instance, shows the Adaptoid with Captain America's shield, Thor's chest medallions, and Iron Man's ribbed armor.

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