Sunglasses Vendor

The Sunglasses Vendor is a character from the animated short Inner Workings.


The protagonist Paul first thinks of purchasing neon-blue sunglasses from the vendor, but Brain persuades him otherwise, thinking it could cause a chain reaction that would lead to Paul's death causing him to pass, she looks at Paul curiously because of his strange behavior as he walks away. Later, when Brain and Heart finally agree to stop their rivalry, Paul happily purchases neon-green sunglasses from her as she watches Paul gracefully dive into the ocean, and the end credits showing Paul fantasizing about starting a family with her as it is implied that he is in love with the Sunglasses Vendor.

Not much is known about the Sunglasses Vendor including her name, but the attractive, red-haired, teal-eyed vendor is shown to be kind, cheerful and gentle. She is well known for her Junoesque appearance with features such as her slender arms, neck and torso, completed with plump thighs, glutes and hair. The Sunglasses Vendor wears an XXXS-sized red and white striped crop-top halter shirt, XXXL-sized blue jean-shorts, a green baseball-cap (a red baseball-cap in her early designs), emerald dangle earrings that resembles green leaves and green sandals (white sandals in her early designs).