Sun riders
The Sun Riders are a fictional superhero team, from the show Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, with three members:

Super Quasar, the leader of the Sun Riders who performs a "Solar Helmet Hot Shot", an attack which he shoots a concentrated beam of solar energy from his helmet's visors.

Aurora Six, the ravishing female of the group that uses the Sun Gun, a weapon that shoots sun beams that stuns her enemies, in a main attack called a "Sun Gun Dazzle Stun".

Johnny Sunspot, the kid sidekick genius (who builds all of the team's weapons) that wields special gloves that create dark energy orbs in an attack, called a "Black Hole Blackout" (later "Black Hole Barrage" in his second appearance).

When they join hands, the Sun Riders perform a "Super Solar Strike", a destructive team attack that's similar to a solar flare. The Sun Riders are known to ride on their "Sun Cycles", and their own robot is called the "Nebutron", an orb-like Super Robot that is heavily armed.

Role in the Series

They have their own television series, of which Chiro is an avid fan. However, they wanted to stop pretending, and in exchange for real power, joined The Skeleton King in the promise of destroying Chiro and the Monkey Team. They later return in Season 2, in the episode "The Sun Riders Return", apparently reformed and with a more powerful Nebutron ship - which they later sacrifice for the good of others.

Aurora Six appeared as an aspect of the Dreamlands in a later episode, "In the Grip of Evil", and in the last scene of Soul of Evil. The Sun Riders ware last seen on screen as three the allies that will aid the Hyperforce in the last battle against the resurrected Skeleton King and his army of the undead.