The Sugar Rush Game Cabinet

Sugar Rush is one of the arcade games in the 2012 animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. The Machine hold's the kingdom of Sugar Rush where lives Vanellope, Taffyta, Rancis, Candlehead, and the other Sugar Rush Racers. It is also the home of Vanellope's adviser Sour Bill, and the two doughnut cops Wynchel and Duncan in addition to it's various candy citizens. The game was plugged in at Litwak's Arcade roughly fifteen years before the events of the movie, and was quickly taken over by Turbo who had himself reformatted into King Candy and turned Vanellope into a glitch. When Ralph returned to the penthouse in Niceland, he got a clear view of the game cabinet which showed Vanellope in King Candy's Kart, revealing that she is a real ruler of the Game.


Players select one of the Sugar Rush racers, who are rotated nightly through the Random Roster race, and attempt to win a race on various racetracks located throughout Sugar Rush. Like other racing games, such as Super Mario Kart, the players can pick up various power-ups that are based on sweets, examples include the Ice Cream Cannon and Sweet Seekers. Other dangers to avoid include various environmental dangers such as giant gumballs, diet cola lava and ignitable Cherry Bombs.



  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was intended to be a character for Sugar Rush, however, he was ultimately scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • As part of Disney's marketing of the film, a version of the game can be played on their website. This is in addition to playable versions of Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Hero's Duty. TurboTime can also be played, but only via an app.
  • An official mock "trailer" for this game was uploaded to Youtube by Disney, stating the game's release date as 1997. The trailer has one major oversight: the game is rendered at the same CGI-quality graphics as portrayed in the movie, while in real life, 3D game graphics were very primitive in 1997 (one year after the release of the Nintendo 64 and three years after the PS1), as evidenced by the fact that this is the approximate time that Mario Kart 64 came out. Among other things, the real Sugar Rush would have had fewer and less detailed textures and blockier models than seen in the movie.

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