The Sugar Cookie Girl (aka Miss Bonbon) is a beautiful cookie who is left out of the cookie parade because she was not considered beautiful until a wandering hobo helps her dress for the occasion in the 1935 Silly Symphony animated short, The Cookie Carnival.


The Cookie Carnival

She was crying until a hobo cookie saw her and asked why she was crying. She explained to him that she wanted to go to the parade of cookies, but cannot because she doesn't have a pretty dress to wear. The Hobo cookie said to her she will be the sweetest one of all and suddenly he changed her hair to blonde, created a dress with cream, candies and sweets, and put makeup on her. After that, she is entered as the final contestant in the parade and won the position of Queen. Suddenly she must choose a king but she refuses each and every one of the candidates with a giggle and a shake of her head. The judges, with no other suitors to present, make their own proposals but are interrupted by the hobo cookie and the guards who are trying to stop him. She says that he will be their King.

Cookieland - A Romance of the Cake and Candy World!

In an comic adaptation of the cartoon, she was the princess of the candy town instead of a poor lady. Here she is forced to choose a husband by the land and that husband is chosen by an competition. To prove the will of their suitors, she secretly switches places with an servant and felt in love with a hobo cookie who defended her for an Devil foodcake who was harassing her. At the games he animates the hobo cookie to win the games and defeating the devil foodcake. In the end of the games, Hobo won against the devil foodcake because unlike him, he was playing fair and is chosen for the suitor of the princess, but he firstly refuses because he felt in love with the servant girl he previously defended. At the end the misunderstanding is cleared up and they live happily ever after.


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The Cookie Carnival

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