Suds is a Bubbaleone Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. He has been used multiple times to save Pronto and to defeat Captain Malvolio Drake, defeat Munch and has saved the Shane Gang's lives multiple times. One such time was in "Deep Water, Dark Water" when the Shane Gang ran out of air. He is also been seen to wash clothes in the Slugisode "Know Your Slugs: Be Creative".

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Slippery, can create small amounts of foam.
  • Bubballo - Sucks everything nearby in to its large, indestructable bubble body.
  • Foambaloo - Harmless burst of foam makes everything slippery, tough to stand up or hold gear.
  • Soapysoak - Sprays an opponent in the eyes with stinging soap.
  • Tentajet - Picks up an opponent in its tentacles and carries them away.
  • Bubblebound - Inflates like a pufferfish to rebound slugs.

Fusion Shots


  • NitroBubble: "Suds"+"Burpy" - This shot forms a flaming bubble that can be used for emergency transport. It functions like a high speed hot air balloon which can go any direction.



Mucky thinks it's fun to pop the bubbles Suds makes in his protoform.