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Stuntz is a Speedstinger Slug who belongs to Eli Shane, from the show Slugterra.

He was first seen in episode 13: Mario Bravado. Eli used him to free Pronto. Stuntz has special goggles in which he uses to calculate precise angles. He is friendly, but mischievous by nature.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can curl up like a pinball and bounce around to hit a small target.
  • Trickoshey - Calculates angles to ricochet off walls and hit hard-to-reach targets - good against blocking moves.



  • Unlike other Speedstingers, Stuntz has orange highlights on his shell and has goggles.
  • When he transforms, his goggles grow with him.
  • In "Light as Day", Stuntz was the first slug shown to not be experienced enough to do a Mega Morph shot.

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