Stuart meets jessie

Stuart Wooten is from the Disney Channel show Jessie. He is a quickwitted yet lovestruck kid. He has a huge crush on Zuri and is a good friend to the Ross brothers. He appears in "Trouble with Tessie", "Quitting Cold Koala", and "Panic Attack Room". In the end of "Quitting Cold Koala", he and Zuri go on a romantic picnic, implying that they have a relationship. Stuart is usually nice and kind, but he's able to show his rudeness whenever he wants to, like Zuri does, as seen in later episodes. In "Quitting Cold Koala", he attempts to make Zuri jealous and hint that she likes him back. In "Panic Attack Room", he addresses the Ross brothers as neanderthals, annoyed that they interrupted his board game date with Luke and Ravi's younger sister, Zuri.