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Struthiomimus new

Struthiomimus was a species of dinosaur that existed during the Cretaceous Period.  It looked like an ostrich, hence, that is how it got it's name, which means "Ostrich Mimic."  Several Struthiomimus appeared in Disney's 2000 film, Dinosaur.

Role in Dinosaur

Like the other dinosaurs, the Struthiomimus in the herd were trying to get to the Nesting Grounds for safety and survival. Not 

Movie Struthiomimus

all of them survived; at least one perished from thirst and starvation and was eaten by Velociraptors, its carcass picked clean to the bones.  At the end of the movie, the surviving Struthiomimus make it to the Nesting Grounds and live in peace and harmony.  None of the Struthiomimus speak in this movie.

Disney Parks

In the Primeval World section of the Disneyland Railroad, three Struthiomimus can be seen drinking from a small pond in a desert area.  However, it's possible that these can be a different species of dinosaur related to Struthiomimus, since none of the dinosaurs' names are mentioned on the ride.


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