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Stronghorn Logo

Stronghorn is Texas' car. It is a six-wheeled race car that is cobbled from the best late 20th century Italian sports cars.


Stronghorn is black with a red rhinoceros along both sides.

It's logo is a red rhinoceros with a shark-tooth grin.


Stronghorn relies more on physical weapons than the other Burner's cars.

  • Air-powered battering pistons and ram plates
  • Hydro Drills
  • Roof-mounted grappling hook
  • Battering Ram - Revealed by splitting open the front grille.
Name Item location Function Appear/s
Vehicles stronghorn with tracks
On either side allows to travel on various terrian Ride the Lightning

(Mini grunt bot) Car Badge

Vehicles stronghorn with mini grunt car badge
At the front Display The Duke of Detroit
Energy Bolo
Vehicles stronghorn energy bolo-ma
At the front (as a bumper) Going Dutch
Stronghorn Cannon Vehicles stronghorn with cannon Mounted on the roof fires Powerful lasers Reunion




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