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Stromboli's Puppets
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Feature films Pinocchio
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (cameo)
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Other names
User(s) Stromboli (formerly)
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Final Fate

These Puppets are used by Stromboli during Pinocchio's performance. There are three main sets of puppets seen: Dutch puppets, French puppets and the Russian puppets. Among each set of puppets, there is one puppet, more elaborate than the others, who "flirts" with Pinocchio. The main Dutch puppet has a red skirt and apron, while the others have blue skirts and aprons as well, and the main French puppet wears red in contrast to the pink and blue of the others. Finally, the main Russian puppet is a blonde female and wears a purple dress with white hat and boots, while the other Russian puppets are black-bearded males, dressed in blue pants, dark red shirt, with black hat and boots.

Disney Parks


The Dancing Puppets

Stromboli's puppets appear in several Pinocchio related attractions at Disney, appearing in the first scene of Pinocchio's Daring Journey and in Disneyland's Fantasmic!.

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