Stratos in a suit

Stratos is the main antagonist in The Moon-Spinners. He stole jewels and tried to kill Nikki Ferris (Hayley Mills) and Tom Cramford (Peter McEnery) because they were getting in his way.

He was played by Eli Wallach.

The Moon-Spinners

He has a high interest in astrology, using it be one step ahead of things, even though her little sister objects it. He came back from London, handling unfinished business (getting treasure he stole back from the Bay of Dolphins). His Cousin, Lambis serves as his henchman. When he found out Nikki Ferris having hanging with Mark Campos, he figured she has got involved in the matter, so he had to get her out of the way, like tying her to an old windmill. Even though he sent money to his sister money for things like the Hotel, Stratos threaten to kill his sister's son, Alixis if she went to the police about Stratos. He appears to be hired by Gambles who was claimed to be the British Consort, but he's really a antiquity dealer.