The storybook closing is a recurring theme in several of Disney's films, almost always used as an closing sequence. A similar trait is used for the openings, known as storybook openings.




  • Although Beauty and the Beast didn't feature an actual storybook closing, it did feature a similar closing where it focused on a stained-glass window at the castle depicting Belle and the Prince dancing as well as everyone looking on.
  • Similarly, although The Tigger Movie has a storybook opening, it does not actually feature an actual storybook closing, although it does feature something similar where it shows the heart-lock containing a photo of Tigger and friends proceeding to close.
  • The Jungle Book (2016) ends the opposite way of its original animated version: it ends with the book closing and doesn't begin with book opening at all! (the film instead begins with the current Disney logo redone in cel animation and pulling back to reveal a CGI jungle, and the logo being obstructed by the films' title)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the only Disney film to end with the book closing so that the back cover faces the camera instead of the front cover.
  • Sleeping Beauty ends with the words "The End" being superimposed over the book rather than on a separate title card.