Stitches is a supervillain in Sky High.


He was once the Hero support for Royal Pain. However, she was defeated by the Commander when he used her own weapon, against her. She survived though, as the laser turned her into a baby. Royal Pain was given the new name of Gwen Grayson, and was later raised by Stitches.

Years later, while adopting a more serious persona under his true identity, Stitches participates in his master's plan to destroy Sky High out of her spurned rage. As he loads the de-aged staff and students into the school bus, he is caught by Ron Wilson and is knocked out with a punch. He joins Royal Pain and the other villains in the detention room afterwards. (In the outtakes after Gwen expresses her dismay of going through puberty twice, Stitches tries to console her, saying "Daddy's going to make it all better." Only to be choked by Gwen; a recurrent running gag shown through their early scenes in the film.)


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