Speed chase

Stitch Speed Chase is a online game based on Lilo & Stitch.


Oh no! The bad Captain Gantu is on Stitch's way! He is following him in order to capture the experiments that are loose on the island. Stitch cannot let him catch the rest of the experiments because he knows that Gantu will use them for bad purposes. This is the reason why you should help him in the Speed Chase game now! Stitch tries to outrun Captain Gantu in order to get to all the experiments first. There is indicated a huge number of experiments on the island and you have to help Stitch get them before anyone else. On your way, you will find also inactive experiments, which you have to collect too. Drive as fast as you can and collect the oil that appears on the path from time to time. In order to move through the island, use the up and down arrow keys and pressing the right arrow key you will get a boost of speed. When you are close to one experiment, press the Space Bar and catch it but be careful not to lose it again. If you hit one object on the road while you grabbed one experiment, it will be able to set himself free. The different rocks and trees from the road will slow you down so better avoid them as much as possible. Keep an eye on your back and see where Gantu is. We do not want him to catch you and steal your experiments. Be prepared for a fast race and do your best to win!

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