Stinky is a Flatulorhinkus Slug who was originally the partner Slug of Pronto, but is now shared by the entire Shane Gang. Stinky is still used primarily by Pronto, and has only been used by Eli in "The Trade" in a failed attempt to out-smart C.C., a SlugSlinger who accepted Ghouls from Dr. Blakk.

In early episodes he was quite weak, but later in the series he becomes very powerful, able to take out an of Lava Bats (with the assistance of Suds) in the episode "Inheritance", and King of Sling's entire castle, forcing Locke and Lode to flee in "King of Sling".



  • Before being named Stinky, Pronto refers to him as "scurrilous beast", which Eli takes to be his name.