Stinky is the magenta pet cat of Roger Klotz in the franchise of the Nickelodeon/Disney series "Doug". Although it is initially assumed that Stinky is a male, it is revealed in the episode, Doug's Fat Cat, that she is a pregnant female who, in the same episode, had a litter of three kittens. Like Doug's dog Porkchop, Stinky is anthropomorphic and behaves very much like a human to the point where she can walk on two legs. Also similar to Doug and Porkchop, she is often seen accompanying Roger wherever he goes. Although being a notable character in both versions of the series, Stinky became less frequently seen in the Disney series than in the Nickelodeon series (where she was considered part of the prominent cast) to the point of being considered as more of a recurring character (despite appearing in the Disney series' title sequence and several prominent cast photos).


Stinky, first and foremost, loves her owner Roger Klotz. Briefly Judy Funnie develops a liking for her in the episode Doug's Fat Cat. Stinky despises Doug's dog Porkchop and the two usually get into fights.