Still the Champion is a 1953 Uncle Scrooge comic story.


Scrooge McDuck finds oilman "Indian Joe" is now the world's richest man. He finds Joe has just 40 cents more than him, so he sells pencils at 20 cents each and becomes number one again. However, a newsboy announces Indian Joe has found another oil well and his fortune ascends in one million dollars.

Scrooge finds the Beagle Boys stealing his money and cries about being just a poor man now that he's second place. When the Beagles get the whole story, they leave Scrooge's money to steal from Indian Joe. Scrooge hears about the million dollars robbery in the radio and is happy to recover his title, until a new radio announcement tells the Beagle Boys were captured and the money returned.

Scrooge tries to get a million-dollar business idea, and finds a kid blowing square bubblegum bubbles. He buys the formula but the bubblegum turns to be normal; seemingly the kid blew the bubbles in a special way.

A defeated Scrooge returns to the Money Bin and tries to find consolation in radio music. Sudenly, the radio announces that all of Indian Joe's oil wells have dried, and his earnings reduce to 5 millions a day, nothing compared to Scrooge's fortune. Scrooge McDuck is happy to still be the champion.